Any old-school journalist will tell you that in order to successfully cover a multi-platform story, the key is in having the right equipment. While this used to mean having a full camera and tripod setup, a mic kit, and the right editing software, times certainly are a-changing.

New media has sparked a new phenomenon coined ‘mobile reporting‘, in which smart phones are used as the primary tool for capturing audio, video, and uploading it online. Through the integration of these technologies, journalism can capture images with a one-man team instead of a production studio. Here are some of the  ways that mobile journalism has affected the field as a whole:

  • Audio capture
  • Video capture
  • Photography
  • Mobile VoIP
  • Twitter
  • Ipad & Accessories

However, as with any new trend, there are some downfalls. While accessibility is increased, quality of audio and video has  certainly decreased. With the advent of mobile journalism and the citizen journalist, some might argue that these new methods allow increased accuracy and in-the-moment style reporting.