Having worked across the media industry for the past 36 years, one could say that Brad Kalbfeld has seen it all. From the pre-computer era to Twitter-topia, the media and journalism industry has transformed in these recent decaded into a whole different animal – and in order to prevent being left behind, today’s reporters must learn to live and love all forms of new media.

Just ask Kalbfeld.

“When people used to ask where I was from, I used to say ‘the future,'” he jokes. But all kidding aside, Kalbfeld really has been tuned into digital revolution – and it’s only benefitted his career. Not only was it his idea to  integrate audio and video into the Associated Press publications, but he came up with it five years before it saw fruition.

But in reality, it is those innovative ideas that create new media and what we experience today. The question now remains – what’s next?